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Discovering Vietnam

Since 2009


The origins of Vietnam Discovery can be traced to 2009, when three partners – Thuy Trinh (Vietnam), Thomas (France) and Mario (Chile)- provided catering services: first, to their friends who already knew Thuy Trihn’s fine cooking; later, to the French community in Chile and then, due to the uprising demand, to the general public.

Today, the restaurant, that has now been open for four years where the Bellavista and Patronato neighborhoods meet, has become a must for all those who want to learn about and experience the exotic taste of Vietnamese cuisine, attracting diverse kinds of food lovers all over Santiago.

Vietnam Discovery’s gourmet food variety has been growing steadily while still fulfilling a high demand level. Our magical little corner, hidden in Loreto Street, catches everyone’s attention while contributing to the question of how we discover our cities’ gastronomy.


Discover the flavors of Vietnam …